Sweet Water

Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust, Inc., or Sweet Water, is
committed to restoring the water resources and watersheds of the Greater
Milwaukee area to conditions that are healthy for swimming and fishing.
Wisconsinites are committed to their communities; Sweet Water provides
Wisconsinites with the tools to improve and protect the water resources that
their communities depend on.

Two of these tools are public education and volunteer programs - Respect Our Waters and Adopt Your Drain. The Respect Our Waters campaign uses television, digital communication, social media, and direct engagement to educate residents of southeastern Wisconsin about the ways that they can reduce the effects of storm water pollution in their communities. The Adopt Your Drain program provides an opportunity for Wisconsinites to care for their community’s water resources at home by clearing local drains and culverts of debris, preventing street flooding and water pollution. Combined, these programs have led to the education and activation of hundreds of thousands of water quality and community stewards in the region.

Sweet Water has many other projects and programs that also help them to
achieve restored water resources in southeastern Wisconsin. Visit their
website to learn more about their work! You can also learn more about the
Respect Our Waters campaign and the Adopt Your Drain program.

To learn more, please visit: