Door County Land Trust

Door County, Wisconsin is a peninsula and 32 islands with 300+ miles of shoreline on the western edge of Lake Michigan. From the uplands of the escarpment to the low-lying coastal wetlands, Door County is a natural gem teeming with biodiversity. The peninsula and islands are home to numerous endangered plant and animal species, and provides critical habitat for tropical and shore birds migrating along Lake Michigan’s shoreline fly-way.

Door County Land Trust works to protect Door County’s exceptional lands and waters by permanently conserving lands that contribute to the scenic beauty, open space, and ecological integrity of Door County. 14 featured nature preserves with 28 miles of trails are open for hiking, and other low-impact, silent, non-motorized recreational activities--all at no charge to the public. 

Protecting Door County is a member-supported, community effort. Door County Land Trust is a local, member supported, non-profit organization. Donations make our work possible. It is thanks to members and donors that more than 8,500 acres are now protected. Door County Land Trust is accredited by the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission and upholds the highest standards of sound finances, ethical conduct, responsible governance, and lasting stewardship.

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